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And the Irving Thalberg Award Goes to…

By , 24 February, 2010, No Comment

I thought I had no chance to win this. Lots of great entries and I’m tired of hearing it.

But I am old and have been in the business for a while. Irving Thalberg time.

So I say thank you to Ron & Fez and Mr. East Side Dave and Sir Christopher Stanley. This comes at a good time.

And once more, Pennystock Chaser jingle:[audio:]

Here’s the original live Ron & Fez live read:

“The Pennbennies” today on WSPS

By , 19 February, 2010, No Comment

“The Pennbennies” airs today on WSPS 90.5 FM at 5 pm with music from Pete Seeger, Godspeed You Black Emperor, Stars of the Lid, Eddie Cantor, Labradford, Tom Waits, and Low.

Listen at home on PC via the live stream.

You can also get the stream on your iPhone/iTouch using Internet RadioBOX (simply use the app’s built-in SHOUTcast directory search feature to find “WSPS 90.5″‘s stream).

Or click on the player below: