Ron & Fez Songs

Peas Hode!


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The Toast Song: [audio:]

The Jay Mohr Song:  [audio:]

The Christmas Song: Lyrics [audio:]

The Man Who Cried Sheepy Lyrics [audio:]

Tough League Lyrics[audio:]

S.E.O.P. – The Suspension Song [audio:]

Crazed’s 2nd Single [audio:]

The Battle of Fez & Big A: [audio:]

Bajeebee: [audio:]

Serzone: [audio:]

The Bird Omen Song: [audio:]

Fifty States of Confusion Theme: [audio:]

The Big City Theme: [audio:]

The Mooch Song: [audio:]

Peas Hode! [audio:]

The Hair Bet Song [audio:]

Doctor Steve’s Weird Medicine Theme [audio:]

Intercourse Lifeboat [audio:]

Ruby [audio:]

Radio War! [audio:]

Bunsen! [audio:]

Ron & Fez Powers Activate! [audio:]

Rocka Hula Luao: [audio:]

Skeeve King [audio:]

The Mick’s Metaphor Lyrics [audio:]

Mighty Horse [audio:]

The Midnight Rider [audio:]

Comet McDonald: [audio:]

Earl Douglas’ Way: [audio:]

I Christmas Thee: [audio:]

Fez of the Flies: [audio:]

It Takes a Rube: [audio:]

16 thoughts on “Ron & Fez Songs

  1. im a longtime ron and fez listener and a longtime functioning heroin addict. You have given me great pleasure with your music and stories . im having one heck of a nod-session tonight and i find your voice and tales exceptionally warm and comforting in my heavily opiated state. Hope all is well with you sir. and have a merry xmas la la la lala

  2. Sleeves,

    Appreciate your music, keep up the good work. Always think of ESD with a tear in the eye listening to Comet McDonald.

  3. Sleeves,

    I find great pleasure in your music. Thank you for making these amazing works available for all of us to enjoy. I hope that you continue creating unique music and shows.
    Merry Christmas, Toby F. LA

    1. @Moe M: Hey Moe! I don’t hear much about old Fez of the Flies – but I’m glad you like it! That was a very fun song to write and perform. 🙂

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