Perry has some really good “coming back from the break” rejoiner songs. I was working on this tune and it wasn’t going anywhere and then I thought it might work like that. [audio:] Quicktime or Download Link Image by JoeyLongo! Thanks buddy!

I feel extremely awkwardly proud to be a part of this gimmicky piece of wickedness. So come up with a better jingle than this for Pennystock Chaser: [audio:] and win $1,000. More details here. Here’s the original live Ron & Fez read that really got the penny rolling: [audio:]

There are a few new songs that go along with The Christmas Skater story – which airs this Sunday at 9 pm on XM 202 during The Ron Bennington Interviews show. Here’s the theme song: [audio:] Quicktime or Download “The Christmas Skater” is only $5, has 6 songs, including “The Christmas La La Song”, …

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