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By , 29 July, 2011, No Comment

“Atoms, Motion & the Void” was performed at the Players Ring in Portsmouth, directed by John Herman and and excellently filmed by Bob Sgandurra. If interested, you can read more about it here. Or you can buy the DVD (with paypal) for $8.

It is broken into five parts. Most of you know this I’m sure, but the screen size can be toggled to fit your screen.

Act 1 (3 parts with a total running time of about 57 minutes)

Act 2 (2 parts with a total running time of about 50 minutes)

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By , 15 April, 2011, 1 Comment

Thanks to everyone for voting for WPMR as Favorite Play in this years Spotlight Awards! Lois and I didn’t go last night – it’s far, we couldn’t get a sitter, and I didn’t think I stood a chance. In fact, I shouldn’t have stood a chance, but I think that Mr. Bennington and Mr. Whatley pushed some buttons in the background.

Thanks to the director (and one of the hosts of the awards show), John Herman, who accepted on my behalf.

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By , 4 December, 2010, 6 Comments

Before the show last night my friend (and director of the play) John Herman told me that we’d probably only have a few people in the audience. I knew my friend, Rick Ganley from NHPR was coming and my Uncle Mike and Aunt Beth, so that was fine. It’s kind of a relief to have 10 or 15 people. So I set up the stage, got dressed, drank tea, and paced around a bit.

The show starts at 8. Before the show, Barbara Newton goes on-stage to welcome everyone, tell them about the Ring, and reminds everyone to turn off their cell phones. This time, she also let everyone know that we had “some people who came all the way from New York City”.

That was a clue I guess. I thought maybe some Ron & Fez fans had made the trip. So I go hobbling onto the stage and start doing my thing and my mind is almost completely erased when I see Ronnie B, Mrs. B, and HTG sitting in the front row. I can’t really express how strangely difficult it was to have my brain suddenly full of questions, and then sort of shocked to emptiness, while having to perform. I don’t think I’ve ever so clearly expressed “multiple experience” – but it was like my mind broke into 3 or 4 pieces and each piece was simultaneously going down different paths. One piece was acting. One piece was trying to CSI the evidence (I found it hard to really believe they’d come), etc.

At the end of the play, I kind of wait in the wings and give my thanks to everyone who’s trekked out to see the show. I hug my Uncle and Aunt, who I haven’t seen in a while. Hang with Rick – he’s a big Ron & Fez fan and he’d introduced himself to Ron at the intermission.

And then Ron and Deb and Mrs. B come out and we embrace and they are very kind and expansive and down to earth.

And I’m completely moved by their presence. I don’t exactly know why. But that he came out all this way to see me…it’s very moving to me. And I feel this great sense of thanks, which directs itself I don’t know where. Just outwardly. Not in any kind of euphoric way. I just feel peaceful, like this was the right path to go walking down.

Update: Here’s Ron’s review of the play from the show of December 6th (this is mostly for my parents):

Quicktime or Download

Thanks to John Herman for the photos!!

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By , 19 November, 2010, 3 Comments

“Whisper, Pray, Make Room” will premiere next Friday, November 26th at The Players’ Ring in Portsmouth.

Inspired by Charles Dickens “Christmas Carol”, Whisper, Pray, Make Room is a dramatic one man musical presentation that tells the story of diabolical radio talk show host Steve “The Sledgehammer” King who receives 3 life altering phone calls during his final radio broadcast.

    Shows are scheduled as follows:

Friday, November 26 – 8 pm
Saturday the 27th – 8 pm
Sunday the 28th – 7 pm

Friday, December 3 – 8 pm
Saturday the 4th – 8 pm
Sunday the 5th – 2 pm

Tickets: $14/$12/$10
Reservations: (603) 436-8123
Location: 105 Marcy Street, Portsmouth, NH 03801-4616
Directions to the Players Ring

Books, CDs, and DVDs will be available for purchase and I’ll be hanging out after each show.

This is my second full length one man show to premiere at the Players Ring. My first play “Atoms, Motion & the Void” played to sold out shows at the Players Ring and rave reviews (review one, review two)

Hope to see you there!

Anyone who makes a reservation and posts a comment below will receive a complimentary CD (available for purchase here) and Book of the Play (available for purchase here) waiting for you at the theater. 🙂 Retail value very nearly $20!!!

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By , 6 September, 2010, No Comment

It was as though Earl himself was at the cloudy helm of Hurricane Earl. Take a look at Earl’s book…really nice. I miss him on R&F.

This song was mastered, retracked, re-arranged and juggled about by the super musical, super talented John Presley.

Quicktime or Download

Hurricane Earl Douglas
Has blown out all the stars
Rains ripping at the highway
And the evacuating cars

But he got his maps all backwards
And drifted out too far
He burns above the ocean
And wonders where we are

And through the window of the window of the window of the window
Of the house five houses down
I can see a picture on the mantel of the mountains and a poor man leaving town

And through the window of the window of the window of the window
Of the house five houses down
I wonder if the picture on the man above the mountains is a hurricane or clown

When you wake up torn to pieces
So divided
And you Roll straight down the streets but still in bed
And your dreaming of the day you’ll wake united
All the storm clouds clearing from your head

Wind like anesthesia
Tearing at the ground
And scratching at the ocean
And making every sound

But Hurricane Earl Douglas
Fumbled his attack
Now he’s off hanging paintings
And he’s not coming back