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AMV#42 The Numbers Station

By , 11 November, 2013, No Comment

Part 3 of the 6 part series, “The Numbers Station”, in which Sherwin finds a curiously familiar cabin in a curiously unfamiliar spot. With lovely art by Kevin Kobasic

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AMV#41 – On the Winning of a Wild Bed

By , 4 November, 2013, No Comment

Part 2 of the 6 part series, “On the Winning of the Wild Bed”, in which Sherwin boards an unusual craft and goes to an unusual place. With lovely art by Kevin Kobasic

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AMV#40 – The Three Benches

By , 1 November, 2013, No Comment

AMV#40 Art By Kevin Kobasic

The First Part of the Stalwarts 6 part series. With lovely art by Kevin Kobasic

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“The Three Benches” Cover Art

By , 27 December, 2010, 2 Comments

Kevin Kobasic (Stalwart #34) created a beautiful piece of art for “AMV #40 The Three Benches”. I’m really blown away.

The Stalwarts website will be open very shortly. Subscribers will need to register first (and once) and then be approved to visit the site.

There are subscribed members now in the United States, Canada, China, Holland, Australia and the UK. Almost everyone has chosen the six month subscription ($77.76) but there’s a month to month plan of $12.96 and a 3 month plan of $38.88. There’s a download-only option of $45 for the entire six months.

Payment can be sent via Paypal to my email ( Other forms of payment can be worked out. The CDs will be shipped at the beginning of each month. The first CD “AMV#40 – The Three Benches” will be shipped to arrive during the first week of January, 2011.

Two Wedding Songs for Ron & Fez

By , 4 March, 2010, 6 Comments

Photo by Stephanie Gould

Tomorrow on Ron & Fez, it’s the “World’s Fastest Wedding” with Bill & Elizabeth set to tie the knot on air.

Here are two songs to go along with it, neither one fast or even short.

The first song really belongs to the Japanese band “UmiKebu”. They sent me the music a week or so ago and asked me to come up with a lyric and it suddenly seemed to fit in with this wedding deal.

I wasn’t sure if Kevin of UmiKebu could mix my million crazy vocals down in time, so I wrote another song, just in case. But he’s the World’s Fastest Mixer! I wish I could have him mix all my stuff. Anyway…

Song 1: “Lifted” Umikebu Feat. Sleeves
Quicktime Link
Lyrics: Lets say you lift me
Until the body break down
Until the flesh grows weak
Until the light turns down
And everything I need
As the body breaks down
As you lifted me
To be or not to be

And all these premonitions
This whole land of felons
And every damned and new thief
And every lost and broken bastard
And anyone who’s ever broke down
And anyone who’s needing shelter
And if you’ve fallen by the wayside
And if you’re bleeding in the gutter
Instead of falling by the black sea
Come dance with me

Song 2: “Lay My Head Down”
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I been lying in this manger
Down beneath the Bodhi tree
Like a pilgrim bound for Mecca
But the road is all I see
So I laid down in the starlight
Fell asleep and had a dream
That I’d hunted all the mountains
And I’d captured all the trees
Lay my head down, let my heart take over me
Lay thy head down, let thy heart take over thee

When I met you
For the first time
How strange I couldn’t see
My legs buckled, I’d done searching
And I was down upon one knee
Lay my head down, let my heart take over me
Lay thy head down, let thy heart take over thee

All these earthquakes and disasters
All these wars and enemies
Well, here’s your warning to destruction
Cause your lady’s married thee
So to William and Elizabeth
What holds you tight sets you free