The Moonshot Man song for Bobo

This is a song for Bobo, who has sadly passed away. This is a tribute to the innermost longings of his heart. #ripBobo

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The Moonshot Man lyrics:
These city boys wrap their arms around every girl that was meant for me
Don’t cross me out, cause I’m working for the higher ups and the powers that be
I’ll show you my hands on the wheel and all the photographs
Of famous people, look right beside them that’s me

Oh now come my sweet, stroll over the moonshot land
I know my sweet, I’m half of a moonshot man
When you fall asleep, hold tight to my moonlit hand

I’ll tie your hair up in the wind
A broken waterfall a stranded manatee
I said I’ll try to set em free
Upon the radio without a single friend
I said I’m trying to be me
So if you stroll with me, across the moonshot night
We can see what we can see.

Oh come now sweet, stroll over the moonshot land
I know my sweet, I’m half of a moonshot man
When you fall asleep, hold tight to my moonlit hand
When you fall asleep, hold tight to my moonshot hand

New CD on iTunes! The Poor Man’s Lullaby

“The Poor Man’s Lullaby” is my first stand-alone album – no Ron & Fez songs (except for the Christmas La La song). These are the songs I’ve written that I most like…
The Poor Man's Lullaby - Sherwin Sleeves
37 songs from the last few years – some that were written for the Stalwarts series of stories, some for the Kittery Embers book, some from the two plays, and some from the AMV stories. Also some of the Sean Hurley songs are included as well. Track list below.

1. The Christmas Skater
2. Welcome to Wonderland
3. The Christmas La La Song
4. House In Eden
5. Hence I Lied
6. The Concession Song
7. Another Day
8. From Once Upon a Time Until the End
9. Only Lou
10. Holy Daydream
11. I Am the Ocean
12. Lighting In the Cave
13. The Smoke Song
14. The Poor Man’s Lullaby
15. The Moon Song
16. The Old Cowboys
17. Tourniquets & Windmills
18. Vampire Rodeo
19. Lost & Found
20. The Girl In the Sack Cloth
21. Whisper, Pray, Make Room
22. The Bench Song
23. Alone You Build Your Heart
24. Another One Here
25. On the Winning of a Wild Bed
26. The Owl Song
27. The Sparrow Song
28. The Spinny Song
29. Of Thee I Sing
30. Play It As It Lays
31. Song of the Moon
32. The Christmas Train
33. The Fireman’s Waiting
34. Butterfly With a Bloodshot Eye
35. The World’s Foremost Pie Expert
36. Hold Still
37. The George Plimpton Song

“Holy Daydream” Song

“Holy Daydream” is a new a song for the last episode of this Stalwarts series, but I thought I’d post it here. It’s not too late to join the Stalwarts website! Stories, songs, stickers, and just everything you can think of that begins with the letter s. Read more about that here.

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Though I know, it’s not the same
It starts up every game
So it swings, hard and low
Think I’ll take my things and go

So untied and burden free
Down sidewalks light and sweet
All I know is that it seems
Completely like a dream

Holy, Holy, Holy Daydream

Though I know, it’s not the same
Holy holy holy Daydream
So it swings, hard and low
Holy holy holy Daydream
So untied and burden free
Holy, Holy, Holy Daydream
All I know is that it seems
Completely like a dream

“Whisper, Pray, Make Room” wins a Spotlight Award

Thanks to everyone for voting for WPMR as Favorite Play in this years Spotlight Awards! Lois and I didn’t go last night – it’s far, we couldn’t get a sitter, and I didn’t think I stood a chance. In fact, I shouldn’t have stood a chance, but I think that Mr. Bennington and Mr. Whatley pushed some buttons in the background.

Thanks to the director (and one of the hosts of the awards show), John Herman, who accepted on my behalf.

“The Fireman’s Waiting” Song

I really don’t know what this song is about. But one more Sean song and I’ll be releasing a new album on iTunes, including the Smoke Song, the Moon Song, the Poor Man’s Lullaby…and 10 others that I can locate.

If anyone knows what this song is about, please leave a comment, or email me at sleeves at radioghost dot com. Thank you.

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Everything you see was meant to be not believed
Everything you do is was will never be known

Everyone you meet is not to be deceived
Everyone you don’t may be safely ignored

Wish you could choose but the fireman’s waiting
To usher you into a hole in the floor
Wish you could make of it more in the making
Wish you could make it more and more

“Whisper, Pray, Make Room” Nominated for Best Play – You can Vote!

The Spotlight Awards committee has released their nominations for Best Things in Theater, Music, Cooking, Art.

“Whisper, Pray, Make Room” was nominated for three awards – “Favorite Play”, “Best Actor”, and “Best Original Script”.

The latter two awards were judged by a Jury – but you can vote for Whisper, Pray, Make Room as “Favorite Play” (if it was your favorite!)

Vote Here.

Brief Video from Whisper, Pray, Make Room:

Ron & Fez Phone Jingle

I think I forgot about this one. I do remember that I managed to get the phone number wrong in the first version…singing “One eight six ron zero fez…” for some reason.

Bad at numbers. Art by Keviemetal.

Anyway – here it is:

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Master Class in Music with Sherwin Sleeves

When I created and uploaded the above video, I thought I’d share it only privately on The Stalwarts website. But then I hit upon the snag that youtube permits you to privately share videos with only 50 people. And I need to share it with a few more than that.

So I thought I would use the video to pitch the AMV subscription once again.

For about 12 dollars a month, you get:

1. A limited edition CD, numbered and signed, with original artwork. One CD per month for 6 months.
2. Access to the Stalwarts website, which includes various types of downloadable extra audio (recorded walks, songs) and video (the filmed of AMV the Play, things like Master Class below. A video tour of Sherwin’s neighborhood is currently in the works). And lastly, a forum to discuss whatever you like.

A six month subscription costs $77.76. There’s a month to month plan of $12.96 and a 3 month plan of $38.88. If you’re not interested in the CD – there’s a download-only option of $45 for the entire six months.

Payment can be sent via Paypal to my email ( Other forms of payment can be worked out.

Lastly – there is no such thing as being too late. Subscribers can join at any time.