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“Frog & Toad – All Year” Audio for the book

By , 22 October, 2010, 4 Comments

When I was a kid I used to love to go to the library and listen to prerecorded stories. There was a small table in the kid’s section of the library and at the center was a special wooden box full of strange, baby blue headphones. The cords went secretly down into the floor and they were always very tangled. There was a small shelf nearby and you could pick out a book and take it up to the librarian and she’d set some record spinning. I remember listening to Where the Wild Things Are and the Dr. Seuss books.

I also remember finding this process of getting the librarian to play the record difficult. I was painfully shy and it seemed to me that the librarians always sighed when I held up a book and asked them to play it. Maybe the audio system was tricky or maybe they didn’t admire the concept of listening to a story via “modern technology.”

But for me listening to these stories being read out as I flipped through the pages was so transporting. I even loved the little bell noises that meant it was time to turn the page. Sometimes the reader would even say it…”Turn the page…” And I remember that I would sometimes wander away from the library muttering “turn the page…” to myself.

We’ve just started Sam on the modern version. Books with CDs. We only have one – an Arthur book that Sam picked out. But the selection at Borders was so small that I thought I’d record a few books that we have at home, do-it-yourself style.

The first one is “Frog & Toad – All Year”. I dashed off a little bit of incidental music, so it’s five stories and some music. And then bell noise to turn the page. Very fun to do. Sam especially loves the song that follows “The Surprise” story.

I thought other people might have the book and not the audio and so I thought I’d post. The stories are good enough on their own though – so if you don’t have the book, it would still be fun to listen to in the car.

Quicktime or Download

The “Special Delivery” Theme Song

By , 17 June, 2010, 1 Comment

I guess I never put this up…but here’s the Special Delivery song for Sam & Dave:
Quicktime or Download

Here’s the Special Delivery website.

Sam’s First Song

By , 12 June, 2010, 1 Comment

Sam is now our new ambient artist in residence.

He’s been asking me to bring my “piano” downstairs so last week I hooked up my little midi keyboard and Sam’s being really digging it. Today, while I was washing dishes, I heard him settle on this one sound and a little simple pattern of two or three keys played in slow alternation. So I snuck over and hit record on Fruity Loops.

He said he thought it sounded like two robots fixing each other. So Sam’s first song is called “Two Robots Fixing Each Other”:

Afterwards, he did a little drawing of himself and the keyboard (while eating yogurt):

Hiking Welch Mountain with Sam

By , 9 June, 2010, No Comment

Sam and I hike up Welch Mountain every week or so during the summer. It’s just a couple miles down the road to the trailhead. We have lunch and sit on the ledge. Every time we go, Sam walks a bit more of it himself and then when I get him in the backpack he often falls asleep.

The opening wood cut of Welch Mountain was done by Herb Waters, who lived about a mile from Welch. I did a story on Herb for NHPR a little while back.

The music is just simple improv’d piano. On the previous couple videos I did with Sam (Sam Sleds and the Missing Yaktrax) some people thought the music was a little too sad sounding. It’s not sad on purpose and I think it’s more in tune with the idea of how transitory everything is.

The video was shot with a Creative Vado.

“All The Old Cowboys” song

By , 10 March, 2010, 9 Comments

Thought I’d continue along with the normal voice experiment. I don’t really know where this song came from. I’m not very political, but this song is.
Quicktime or Download


All the Palestinians are coming around
Taking shears to the baskets
of their thorny crowns

And all the Israelis agree
To divide the divine up equally

But oh don’t break for this
Philosophy’s perfect apocalypse

the truth is born of pain
Moment by moment and then refrain

All the lost Indians are streaming back
From the mountains and the canyons
And their broken shacks

And all the Old Cowboys agree
To divide the divine up equally

But oh don’t break for this
Philosophy’s perfect apocalypse

the truth is born of pain
Moment by moment and then refrain

And did you know…I need a job?

Sam Amidon at the Sumner Knight Chapel

By , 19 January, 2010, No Comment

This past weekend at the Sumner Knight Chapel was really amazing. The Chapel itself is set way back in a cemetery. It was a standing room only crowd of 120 or so. I started off with a story and then Redwing Blackbird did a set, followed by Red Heart the Ticker, and then Sam Amidon.

Kevin Dremel put the whole thing together and recorded the event. I’ll be sync’ing Kevin’s good audio up with my ok video and hopefully posting some songs from the other bands and a bit of my story.

Here’s Sam’s version of Word of Mouth:

Sherlock Sam & the Missing Yaktrax

By , 29 December, 2009, 1 Comment

Every month or so over Waterville Mountain, we see fireworks just above the trees. Why oh why? It’s a mystery! On Sunday night, during our little walk around the neighborhood, we saw them again. We stopped to watch and then decided to head into the dark woods for a better view.

Bushwacking through snow and branches, I lost one of my Yaktrax – which is a crazy little rubber netting that your grandmother might slip over her boot to keep her from slipping on the ice. The next day Sam told me that he thought we could find it. So we went out, Sherlock Holmes style, to retrace our steps in the woods before the big snows came.

Sam Goes Sledding!

By , 16 December, 2009, No Comment

We live near a really nice forest. There’s a long path that leads out into various nowheres. And there’s a huge sandpits that we walk to in the summer.

In the winter, it’s for sledding. Sherwin did a quick improv piano song.

I’m wearing the orange vest thing cause it’s hunting season.

Sam & the Invisible Tooth

By , 2 December, 2009, No Comment

Sam has really been into the idea of invisibility lately. Whenever we walk in theIMG_6970 woods, he wants me to tell him stories about enormous invisible monsters.

He’s also been giving me invisible presents and last night at dinner he started talking about his new invisible tooth. One he got from an invisible doctor.


Did you know…I need a job?

Sam Sleeves and a New Hampshire Song

By , 30 November, 2009, 1 Comment

I thought I was done with the Pennystock chaser…but R&F played the audio with Sam singing and talked about it a little, so here’s a snippet of that…
There was some milk-and-honey New Hampshire talk, so I thought I’d write a song to set things straight. Even though I don’t think there’s much in the song that’s true.

We live up in New Hampshire
We don’t have lawns, we have pastures
When we go outside, we use lanterns
It’s always dark in New HampshireIMG_4525

Went to the city and got blown away
Not a single milkshake there anyway

So I came back here to New Hampshire
We don’t get sick cept for cancer
We don’t have cars we drive tractors
We don’t have jobs we have grandeur

I don’t care what anyone says
In New Hampshire we got Ron & Fez

On the Radios here in our tractors
milkshaking the dark of the pasture
Not a single question to answer
In New Hampshire, in New Hampshire, in New Hampshire

Did you know…I need a job?