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Seroquel sleep

By , 17 June, 2010, 1 Comment

I guess I never put this up…but here’s the Special Delivery song for Sam & Dave:
Quicktime or Download

Here’s the Special Delivery website.

Retin a

By , 9 December, 2009, 3 Comments

There are a few new songs that go along with Avodart side effects story – which airs this Sunday at 9 pm on XM 202 during The Ron Bennington Interviews show.

Here’s the theme song:

Quicktime or Download

“The Christmas Skater”
is only $5, has 6 songs, including “The Christmas La La Song”, “I Christmas Thee”, the theme song above, and 3 other new songs. Paypal here.

Retin a micro is this weekend!

Did you know…I need a job?