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Sherwin Reflects on the Transition to Spring

By , 5 May, 2009, No Comment

Sherwin reveals how difficult it is for him to hang up his old coat and put away his boots and winter things.  Aired on NHPR on May 11.

Photo by Stephanie Gould!

Watching the Big Trucks with Sam

By , 1 May, 2009, No Comment

Sitting at the edge, watching the diggers load up the dump trucks, telling stories.

Walk in the Woods with Sam

By , 29 April, 2009, No Comment

Sam and I walk through the woods, find soft moss, and hear the big trucks working at the sandpits.

Sam and Lois Play Cars

By , 22 April, 2009, No Comment

Sam got a new little dragon in a castle toy. He showed Lois how to use it.

Sam tells a Scary Story!

By , 20 April, 2009, No Comment

Sam tells a scary story about going out to eat at a restaurant – ordering ice cream and chocolate – and then being ATTACKED by vicious candy-loving monsters!

Shopping Carts

By , 18 April, 2009, No Comment

Sherwin stumbles upon a bit of philosophy down at the local supermarket.

Picnic on the Porch

By , 17 April, 2009, No Comment

Sam and I decide to eat out at a fancy joint called “porch”.

At the Eddy with Sam

By , 15 April, 2009, No Comment

We went to the Eddy to throw rocks and play hide and seek and Sam found a pacifier – one that he’d found the year before and we’d hung on a branch for any passing baby in need.

Song for Ron & Fez: “The Toast”

By , 14 April, 2009, No Comment

The Toast

Toasting the move from the old XM studio to the new Sirius studio…


Easter with Sam

By , 12 April, 2009, No Comment

Sam found his basket and settled down.