Sam is now our new ambient artist in residence. He’s been asking me to bring my “piano” downstairs so last week I hooked up my little midi keyboard and Sam’s being really digging it. Today, while I was washing dishes, I heard him settle on this one sound and a little simple pattern of two …

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We live near a really nice forest. There’s a long path that leads out into various nowheres. And there’s a huge sandpits that we walk to in the summer. In the winter, it’s for sledding. Sherwin did a quick improv piano song. I’m wearing the orange vest thing cause it’s hunting season.

I thought I was done with the Pennystock chaser…but R&F played the audio with Sam singing and talked about it a little, so here’s a snippet of that… [audio:] There was some milk-and-honey New Hampshire talk, so I thought I’d write a song to set things straight. Even though I don’t think there’s much …

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And he reveals his favorite part! (I hope to the lord this is my last post about Ye Olde Pennystock Chaser…) [audio:] And lastly, did you know…I need a job?

We went out walking last night and Sam found a crow feather. He flew it along with us for the rest of the walk saying…tweetie tweetie tweetie! [audio:]