Hiking Welch Mountain with Sam

Sam and I hike up Welch Mountain every week or so during the summer. It’s just a couple miles down the road to the trailhead. We have lunch and sit on the ledge. Every time we go, Sam walks a bit more of it himself and then when I get him in the backpack he often falls asleep.

The opening wood cut of Welch Mountain was done by Herb Waters, who lived about a mile from Welch. I did a story on Herb for NHPR a little while back.

The music is just simple improv’d piano. On the previous couple videos I did with Sam (Sam Sleds and the Missing Yaktrax) some people thought the music was a little too sad sounding. It’s not sad on purpose and I think it’s more in tune with the idea of how transitory everything is.

The video was shot with a Creative Vado.

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