Sam Sleeves and a New Hampshire Song

I thought I was done with the Pennystock chaser…but R&F played the audio with Sam singing and talked about it a little, so here’s a snippet of that…
There was some milk-and-honey New Hampshire talk, so I thought I’d write a song to set things straight. Even though I don’t think there’s much in the song that’s true.

We live up in New Hampshire
We don’t have lawns, we have pastures
When we go outside, we use lanterns
It’s always dark in New HampshireIMG_4525

Went to the city and got blown away
Not a single milkshake there anyway

So I came back here to New Hampshire
We don’t get sick cept for cancer
We don’t have cars we drive tractors
We don’t have jobs we have grandeur

I don’t care what anyone says
In New Hampshire we got Ron & Fez

On the Radios here in our tractors
milkshaking the dark of the pasture
Not a single question to answer
In New Hampshire, in New Hampshire, in New Hampshire

Did you know…I need a job?

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