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Sam sings Pennystock Chaser

By , 27 November, 2009, 3 Comments

And he reveals his favorite part! (I hope to the lord this is my last post about Ye Olde Pennystock Chaser…)


And lastly, did you know…I need a job?

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3 Responses {+}
  • Stig

    Cute as hell. But hearing you out of character is kinda freaky, sir!

  • Mike from ND

    I have 1 American POUND of delicious chocolate covered potato chips from NORTH DAKOTA for Sam – if theres someway to work WIDMANS into the Penny Stock Chaser song…NO! 2 pounds! (You know you love them Sleeves – don’t deny your son the sweet (choco/potato) pleasures of life!!:-)

  • Sleeves

    Hearing me out of character Mr. Stig? I believe you were hearing my lowly assistant, Sean Hurley.

    As to the sell-out notion of rewriting the classic “Pennystock Chaser” for a bag of choco-chips – of course I’ll do it. Widmans widmans widmans widmans….doo doo doo doo.

    I may have standards, but they don’t resemble standards. And those chocolate covered potato chips are the foodly version of the ipod.

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