Sam sings Pennystock Chaser

And he reveals his favorite part! (I hope to the lord this is my last post about Ye Olde Pennystock Chaser…)


And lastly, did you know…I need a job?

3 thoughts on “Sam sings Pennystock Chaser

  1. I have 1 American POUND of delicious chocolate covered potato chips from NORTH DAKOTA for Sam – if theres someway to work WIDMANS into the Penny Stock Chaser song…NO! 2 pounds! (You know you love them Sleeves – don’t deny your son the sweet (choco/potato) pleasures of life!!:-)

    1. Hearing me out of character Mr. Stig? I believe you were hearing my lowly assistant, Sean Hurley.

      As to the sell-out notion of rewriting the classic “Pennystock Chaser” for a bag of choco-chips – of course I’ll do it. Widmans widmans widmans widmans….doo doo doo doo.

      I may have standards, but they don’t resemble standards. And those chocolate covered potato chips are the foodly version of the ipod.

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