“Frog & Toad – All Year” Audio for the book

When I was a kid I used to love to go to the library and listen to prerecorded stories. There was a small table in the kid’s section of the library and at the center was a special wooden box full of strange, baby blue headphones. The cords went secretly down into the floor and they were always very tangled. There was a small shelf nearby and you could pick out a book and take it up to the librarian and she’d set some record spinning. I remember listening to Where the Wild Things Are and the Dr. Seuss books.

I also remember finding this process of getting the librarian to play the record difficult. I was painfully shy and it seemed to me that the librarians always sighed when I held up a book and asked them to play it. Maybe the audio system was tricky or maybe they didn’t admire the concept of listening to a story via “modern technology.”

But for me listening to these stories being read out as I flipped through the pages was so transporting. I even loved the little bell noises that meant it was time to turn the page. Sometimes the reader would even say it…”Turn the page…” And I remember that I would sometimes wander away from the library muttering “turn the page…” to myself.

We’ve just started Sam on the modern version. Books with CDs. We only have one – an Arthur book that Sam picked out. But the selection at Borders was so small that I thought I’d record a few books that we have at home, do-it-yourself style.

The first one is “Frog & Toad – All Year”. I dashed off a little bit of incidental music, so it’s five stories and some music. And then bell noise to turn the page. Very fun to do. Sam especially loves the song that follows “The Surprise” story.

I thought other people might have the book and not the audio and so I thought I’d post. The stories are good enough on their own though – so if you don’t have the book, it would still be fun to listen to in the car.

[audio: http://www.atomsmotion.com/uploads/frogtoad.mp3]
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