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Prozac high

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Sam does his best impression of Sherwin Sleeves.


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At the local swimming hole, Sam practices his Buzz Lightyear gimmick talk.


By , 17 May, 2009, 1 Comment

Sam opens the back door to see the rain and lightning and to hear the thunder.

Sam Hates Woodpeckers!

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Sam can’t stand the sound of a woodpecker pecking wood. He has a sure-fire way of fighting this – by making the door sound!

Depo provera shot

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Sam invents a game where dinosaurs try to protect their baby eggs from other dinosaurs. Unfortunately they keep falling asleep – and Baby Egg gets stolen!

Cymbalta and alcohol

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Sherwin reveals how difficult it is for him to hang up his old coat and put away his boots and winter things.  Aired on NHPR on May 11.

Photo by Stephanie Gould!

Nexium dosage

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Sitting at the edge, watching the diggers load up the dump trucks, telling stories.