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The Girl in the Sack Cloth song

By , 25 September, 2009, 1 Comment

Diorama I’m working on a new AMV about a man named Nestor Carroway who runs the local toy store in Lemon.  In the front window he has the huge diorama – a really beautiful replica of downtown Lemon.    If you look closely at the diorama, you’ll see about a dozen tiny bronze figures scattered here and there – in the buildings, on the benches.  Not many people know this, but these figures placed randomly, nor are they supposed to be different little characters.  They are all Nestor himself.  Every place and pose represents an important, if small, memory of his.  When he told me the story about the girl in the sack cloth, I knew I had to write up his story.

Here’s the first song, “The Girl in the Sack Cloth”:

She lived down near the railroad tracks
At the top of the hill by the black smoke stacks
In a rough little house all the windows were cracked
Didn’t have any clothes but she’d sewed up a sack

I used to play piana at the old town hall
There was never a crowd in fact no one at all
But one day at the end of a sad little song
I saw the girl in the sack cloth singing along

Lord lord lord alleluia
Everything I love is blown away

She was making it up as she sang in the air
All the dreams in her heart and the way that she cared
Her eyes were closed tight and her hands in her hair
For as long as I played I knew she’d be there…

But my hands grew heavy and the moment I stopped
The girl in the sack disappeared in the dark
And as I ran from the room with my just broken heart
I knew the girl in the sack cloth could never be caught

Went down later on to the railroad tracks
Made my way up the hill to the black smoke stacks
I knocked on the door of the rough little shack
But there was nobody home and she never came back

Lord lord lord alleluia
Everything I love is blown away

Weird Medicine Theme & Lyrics

By , 23 September, 2009, 4 Comments

This has been Sam’s favorite “sleeves” song for a little while now. He sings along to the higher parts “And do the kung fu”)…and I also got some requests for the lyrics of the Weird Medicine theme, so I thought post em up:



I’ve got diphtheria crushing my esophagus
I’ve got ebola virus dripping from my nose
I’ve got the leprosy of the heart valves
Exacerbating my incredible woes
I want to take my brain out and blast it with a wave
An ultrasonic echographic and a pulsatating shave
I want a magic pill for my ailments
The health equivalent of Citizen Kane
And if I don’t get it now in a tablet
I think I’m doomed and I’ll have to go insane
I want a requiem for my disease
So I’m paging Dr. Steve

I take a scalpel
To the vertabrae
Need some suction
In the carotid
Bring the crash cart
And do the kung fu
With the shock pads
And now he’s dead uh oh…

I’m in the mortuary dead as a doornail
I’m posthumous, incredulous and cold
I’ve got a bad case of the deadsies
Paralyzing all my thoughts and bones
Someone take their brain out and slip it in my head
I can’t do it for myself cause I’m already dead
I’m thinking Frankenstein to the maximum
Shoot some lightning in the marrow of my bones
Or mark an expedite on the afterlife
And push me quickly into heaven with a heave
But if I don’t get in for my cause of death
I’m blaming Dr. Steve

Weird Medicine from September 12th

By , 15 September, 2009, No Comment

My friend Dr. Steve has been doing his anything-goes medical radio show on XM/Sirius Satellite Radio for more than a year now.  It’s a terrific show – really entertaining and really informative.

Their three hour show from this past weekend can be downloaded here (with Dr. Steve’s blessing)

Or if you just want to sit and listen, please feel free below:


Sam sings “Yesterday”

By , 11 September, 2009, No Comment

We’ve been listening to the Beatles.  Until just now, I haven’t heard Sam singing any of their songs…but as he sat down to play with play-doh he started singing Yesterday…