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AMV#49: The Moxley Box

By , 19 January, 2015, 5 Comments

“In which Sherwin falls back on an old bad habit and comes face to face with the odious Redmond Moxley and his mysterious boxes.”

Music by Sherwin Sleeves and Roy Harter.

This is Part Two of “The Fingerprints of the Fallen Down – A Metaphysical Murder Mystery.” You may listen to Part One via the post just below or you can just read the following: In the first episode, Sherwin traveled to Paradox Mountain in search of the otherworldly maker of a peculiar “whippoorwill” clock. There, he not only found Avis Hearne dead with a bullet in her head, but also found himself the victim of the long-missing Helen Eleanor’s magical smoke.

Whippoorwill & Moxley Art by Nuola (thank you Nuola!)

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“Little Round Faces” song from the story:

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