The 3rd Anniversary of Sarro’s Balloon

“Sarro’s Balloon” was written originally to air as part of a day of “special” programming at NHPR. It has since played on a number of public radio stations across the country and XM and Sirius Satellite Radio – and more than any other story I’ve written, it seems to resonate with people.

In honor of it’s 3rd anniversary, you can listen below or download…

Above art by Kevin Kobasic.

There are actually two versions – one includes the interview I did with Gwen Macsai for an episode of Chicago Public Radio’s “Re:Sound” and the other is just the story itself.

Download Link to Story

And the interview version below:

Download Link to Story with Interview

3 thoughts on “The 3rd Anniversary of Sarro’s Balloon

  1. I heard the middle part of this on the radio a while back. Today, my kids were releasing helium balloons and it made me remember, wonder, google, and then listen to the satisfying end. Beautifully done. I’ll play it for the kids tomorrow.

  2. This is genius, Mr. Hurley. I heard it on chicago public radio way back when, and my wife and i always reference it. I decided to find it today and listened to the entire piece. You made me cry.Sarro’s should be more famous. Thank you so much

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