AMV#48 – The Whippoorwill to Paradox

“In which Sherwin’s quest to understand the arcane use of a peculiar clock leads to an awful discovery on Paradox Mountain.” Music by Sherwin Sleeves and Angel Olsen.

This is Part One of “The Fingerprints of the Fallen Down – A Metaphysical Murder Mystery”.
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2 thoughts on “AMV#48 – The Whippoorwill to Paradox

  1. I’m new or late to the party.
    I’ve come to enjoy the lyrical lilt
    Of Sherwin’s readings rants or rhymes
    Good wishes to the Radio Ghost
    From Vitoria BC Canada

  2. I eagerly await the next installment. I was surprised to find that Sherwin owns a cellphone, but then relieved to find out he never charges it. And what about those chairs?

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