“Whisper, Pray, Make Room” Listen or Download

IMG_5498And here is last night’s live recording of WPMR:
[audio: http://www.atomsmotion.com/uploads/whisperpraylive.mp3]
Quicktime or Download

Thanks again to my radio friends who provided calls, Dr. Steve, GVAC, the Blowhard, Mikeyboy, Tall James, Rick Ganley from NHPR, and many others (I’ve lost my list of who’s who – if I didn’t thank you, please let me know).

Tune in every Wednesday at 9 PM EST on the Clutch & Wiggle Radio Empire for another live broadcast.

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1 thought on ““Whisper, Pray, Make Room” Listen or Download

  1. Mesmerizing and masterfully told. Sherwin, you are an absolute genius, and my favorite old man to listen to! Thank you for being who you are.

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