The Bellwether Dispatch 3

“In which we learn a bit more about Ronald Vinegar and the origins of the Bellwether Dispatch.”

“The Bellwether Dispatch” weather report, treasure hunt, and story can best be understood by listening to “The Bellwether Dispatch” either below or, better yet, through subscription to the AMV podcast on itunes.

The 2nd Postcard will be dispatched by mail tomorrow with clues as to the whereabouts of the 2nd treasure of Amory Snow.

Bellwether Second Online Postcard FInalFor those far off Dispatchers, the Online Postcard can be seen at right. Please examine it closely and minutely as though with a magnifying glass. Discover the secret word, send it to me at bellwetherdispatch at gmail dot com to win the 2nd Collector Card.

At the moment only 4 Dispatchers have the first Collector Card – and so I would suggest that there is no wrong time to start listening, looking, playing. If you are just coming upon the Bellwether Dispatch now and would like to more actively participate, please send an email to bellwetherdispatch at gmail dot com and express your desire to participate – along with your mailing address.

Reminder: to win the Grand Prize, one must either locate the 4 actual treasures hidden in NH and take a Collector Card from each – or get a Card by finding the secret words buried in the 4 online postcard images – or some combination of the two. Collect all 4 Collector Cards, get your Victorious Proof to me before anyone else, and win the subjectively styled Grand Prize.

Happy listening, looking, hunting, collecting.

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1 thought on “The Bellwether Dispatch 3

  1. The origin story arrives! And an unrequited (?) love tale at that. Thank you, Sleeves, for making your long-awaited return. I am mystified by the clues, but that is indeed how I go through life (it keeps things lively).

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