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AMV#50 – The Great Achievement

By , 16 April, 2018, 5 Comments

What is the Great Achievement? Long in the making, I first noticed it during a terrible storm when I discovered I could no longer find the light switch in my cabin.

It was at that moment that a fuller situation revealed itself – a situation that I soon recognized as an achievement. A Great Achievement.

Thus begins a series of “Night Stories” – to be listened to at night before bed – or in the dark – or in the dark of the castle of your very self.

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5 Responses {+}
  • Joseph

    One of my favorite podcasts is back! I have really missed you Mr. Sherwin. It’s very good to hear from you again; I can’t wait to embark on another one of your delightful stories. Welcome back.

  • Sleeves

    Well that’s lovely Joseph – I’m happy to be back. What begins above with a leisurely stroll of sorts, will soon become, I believe, exquisitely strange. Seatbelt please.

  • Tyler

    Very excited! Thank you!

  • DRB

    New AMV episodes!!! This makes me so incredibly happy! I can’t wait to listen. Thank you, sir.

  • Paul R. Potts

    Goodness gracious! It’s been almost two years since something new popped up in the AMV feed and I just happened to see this show up. I’m so glad Sherwin is telling stories again! What a great way to end the week!

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