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Whisper, Pray, Make Room set

By , 30 October, 2009, 2 Comments

Building the set. Whirligig desk. Hidden piano. Secret lights. Some steampunk elements hopefully built in. Rusty whatevers and strange gears. Hoping to encase the monitor in battered metals.



Going to the dump tomorrow to look in the mountain of wretched iron. Lawnmowers, kickstands, boilers, car doors, bicycles, mufflers, huge ancient sheets of sunken ship. Hopefully to find some whizzbangs to festoon upon the desk. My favorite place in the world. I would have loved to have been a sculptor. I have a thing for rust.

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  • Michelle Shopped

    dang sean! you know what steampunk is? and you’re a fellow dump picker as well! to know someone i don’t have to explain steampunk to, much less be related to them is icing on the cake…i am a blast from your long ago past…xo

    and sam is a cutie — i love those little boy imaginations!

  • Pastabagel


    I look forward to seeing this desk completed. I already love the hideaway piano! I would encourage you to submit your project to’s Workspace Show and Tell flickr pool here:

    I don’t work for them or anything, but the more people who know about Sleeves, AMV and your “drawing room at the edge of the Universe”, the better!

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