“My Last Invention” song

If the Old Cowboys song had some kind of political undertone then this one comes wrapped and ready for church.

Lyrics seem to get formed from the sounds that show up. So the themes usually seem outside my control. That’s probably not really true, but usually I feel kind of puzzled about the words. So while maybe I wish this was a cool song about a guy hunting leopards, instead it’s kind of a walking on the beach with Jesus tune. But that’s fine too. And that’s not really what it is, but that’s a good simple way to describe it.

This song started out this morning at around 8:37 as I drove home after dropping Sam off at school. I sometimes find melodies I like while driving and then I just use the voice recorder on my phone so I don’t forget. Here’s this morning’s voice recording:

[audio: http://radioghost.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/mylastcellphone.mp3]

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I don’t think this song is done yet, but I have a lot of work coming up and usually when that happens I lose track of songs like this one. So I thought I’d just post it. Hopefully I can fix some of the things that bug me. But here’s where it is now:

[audio: http://radioghost.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/mylastinvention.mp3]
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If you pay me some attention
And tell me no lies
My last invention
A machine to love all mankind

And if you end up in the mountains
Look down upon the plains
My last invention
Will light up the way

Ahead now full till you feel the pain
If it gets too hot I’ll invent the rain
If you get lost, it’s not a sin
If you fall down, get up again
If it gets too hard, just call my name
And hold on tight, I’ve got the reins
Whether me or you it’s all the same
Ahead now full I’ve got the pain