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WhisperPrayCDCoverKunakiI’ll be doing three live performances of my new Christmas musical play Whisper, Pray, Make Room this December.   It’s kind of like Charles Dickens “Christmas Carol” meets Eric Bogosian’s “Talk Radio” meets a crazy steamboat musical. My Scrooge is a virulent talk radio host named Steve “The Sledgehammer” King. He’s bitter, his audience hates him, and he’s suffering from a terrible ailment. But during his Christmas Eve broadcast, he receives three life-altering phone calls…

I got a lot of help from the listeners of Ron & Fez in the form of phone calls to my Google Voice account.   I’ll be interacting with these during the show like live calls.   Blowhard, Dr. Steve, and Katja were especially awesome – working with me to create our new versions of the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Future, and Present respectively.WhisperPrayCDInsetunaki

I’ll do a lot more thanking of all these great folks and the regular callers when I post about the show later on.

“Whisper, Pray, Make Room – Songs From the Play” – includes 11 songs.  I am also very grateful to Peterborough composer Dave Seidel for providing the backing track for the Intermission sequence.  Thanks Dave!

You can buy the CD here using Paypal or Credit or for $10 at the show.  It’ll be on iTunes in mid-December.

Show Performances:

WhisperPrayCDBackKunakiDecember 11th and 12th at The Practice Room in Meredith, NH at 8 pm.
December 18th at Toadstool Bookshop in Peterborough, NH at  7:30.