3 songs & a 3 Minute Story

I was asked to create a 3 minute “sound drop” that conjured up the city of Chicago for the Third Coast, in honor of their becoming an independent entity.

I’ve been to Chicago a few times (the photo was taken in Millennium Park), but I don’t know it deeply. But I thought I’d pick a well known joint, and then see if there was a rabbit in its hat. I’d heard of The Green Mill jazz club somewhere and it loomed in my imagination like The Cotton Club…and so for my sound drop I thought I’d see if I could figure out a narrative that got Sherwin up onto the Green Mill stage to do a little number. (thanks to Kelly Weime for reminding me!)

[audio: http://radioghost.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/01/ChicagoSeanHurley.mp3]