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The “Special Delivery” Theme Song

By , 17 June, 2010, 1 Comment

I guess I never put this up…but here’s the Special Delivery song for Sam & Dave:
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Here’s the Special Delivery website.

“Butterfly with a Bloodshot Eye” song

By , 17 June, 2010, No Comment

Chapter 4 of Kittery Embers will be posted tonight or tomorrow (I just have to finish up the second song).

In the meantime, here’s “Butterfly with a Bloodshot Eye”, one of the new songs for Chapter 4:

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I take your heart, it’s a butterfly
Too fragile for the wind or sky
And away we go

Your suitcase packed, all the birds take flight
Goodnight moon and goodnight night
And away we go

You’re a butterfly with a bloodshot eye
With a rainbow needle you sew the sky
And shoot into Neverland
Now shoot into Neverland

If you want to fly free like a cut loose kite
Trip along alone till you trip the light

Sam’s First Song

By , 12 June, 2010, 1 Comment

Sam is now our new ambient artist in residence.

He’s been asking me to bring my “piano” downstairs so last week I hooked up my little midi keyboard and Sam’s being really digging it. Today, while I was washing dishes, I heard him settle on this one sound and a little simple pattern of two or three keys played in slow alternation. So I snuck over and hit record on Fruity Loops.

He said he thought it sounded like two robots fixing each other. So Sam’s first song is called “Two Robots Fixing Each Other”:

Afterwards, he did a little drawing of himself and the keyboard (while eating yogurt):

Hiking Welch Mountain with Sam

By , 9 June, 2010, No Comment

Sam and I hike up Welch Mountain every week or so during the summer. It’s just a couple miles down the road to the trailhead. We have lunch and sit on the ledge. Every time we go, Sam walks a bit more of it himself and then when I get him in the backpack he often falls asleep.

The opening wood cut of Welch Mountain was done by Herb Waters, who lived about a mile from Welch. I did a story on Herb for NHPR a little while back.

The music is just simple improv’d piano. On the previous couple videos I did with Sam (Sam Sleds and the Missing Yaktrax) some people thought the music was a little too sad sounding. It’s not sad on purpose and I think it’s more in tune with the idea of how transitory everything is.

The video was shot with a Creative Vado.