New Ron & Fez CD!

The new CD is called “Tourniquets & Windmills” and it features 34 tracks – about 19 new songs and then 15 of the more popular songs from “Mighty Horse” and “Peas Hode”. And of course the Christmas La La song. I thought it would be good if there was a cheaper way to get mostly everything.

Link to iTunes

If you want a real, actual CD, you can purchase here for $8. NOTE: Only 20 tracks are listed on the Kunaki website, but there are 34 tracks on the album (Kunaki will only show the first 20 track names for some reason).

If you want to buy the CD for $8 via Paypal, click here.

If you want a signed CD, send $12 to sphurley (at) yahoo (dot) com and I’ll send you a signed copy. 🙂

Track Listing:

1 The Appendix Song
2 Bajeebee!
3 Tourniquets & Windmills
4 The Christmas La La Song
5 Pennystock Chaser
6 Molly’s Cupcakes
7 The Big A Song
8 Hurricane Earl Douglas
9 Mighty Horse
10 Peas Hode!
11 The Battle of the Beards
12 Doctor Steve’s Theme
13 Ron Sleeves
14 Special Delivery Theme Song
15 Speedwagon
16 Bunsen
17 It Takes a Rube
18 Struck By Nothing
19 Rocka-Hula Luao
20 The Toast
21 Comet McDonald
22 Lay Thy Head Down
23 Lifted
24 Fez of the Flies
25 11 to 3 – A Ron & Fez Rejoiner
26 Dave Chappelle Twitter Song
27 Polly’s Pancakes Twitter Song
28 Sheepy’s Twitter Song
29 John Hughes Twitter Song
30 Fezzies Secret Twitter Song
31 The Mick’s Metaphor
32 The Jay Mohr Song
33 Radio War!
34 The Man Who Cried Sheepy

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