AMV Subscription Update!

A number of people who can’t afford to pay for an AMV subscription have asked if there’s any other way they can join. Yes! If you have web skills, are an artist, or musician or have something you want to trade, that would be fine with me.

Also, I’ll also be offering a few honorary memberships to those who just can’t pay.

So if you want to trade or if you can’t afford it, please write me at sherwinsleeves @ yahoo dot com and we’ll figure something out.

There are subscribed members now in the United States, Canada, China, Holland, Australia and the UK. Almost everyone has chosen the six month subscription ($77.76) but there’s a month to month plan of $12.96 and a 3 month plan of $38.88. There’s a download-only option of $45 for the entire six months.

Subscription includes full access to the private “Stalwarts” website where the stories will be available for download, as well as regular new content.

Payment can be sent via Paypal to my email ( Other forms of payment can be worked out. The CDs will be shipped at the beginning of each month. The first CD “AMV#40 – The Three Benches” will be shipped to arrive during the first week of January, 2011.

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