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“The Fireman’s Waiting” Song

By , 28 March, 2011, 3 Comments

I really don’t know what this song is about. But one more Sean song and I’ll be releasing a new album on iTunes, including the Smoke Song, the Moon Song, the Poor Man’s Lullaby…and 10 others that I can locate.

If anyone knows what this song is about, please leave a comment, or email me at sleeves at radioghost dot com. Thank you.

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Everything you see was meant to be not believed
Everything you do is was will never be known

Everyone you meet is not to be deceived
Everyone you don’t may be safely ignored

Wish you could choose but the fireman’s waiting
To usher you into a hole in the floor
Wish you could make of it more in the making
Wish you could make it more and more

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3 Responses {+}
  • Ryan Wilson

    I don’t know, this song speaks pretty clearly to me. I like it too 🙂

    What you see is not as it appears, you are meant to question it.
    Everything you do will never be truly understood. Not even by you.

    The people you meet are your only chance to figure out what it does mean, but we spend our time trying to fool them.
    The people you don’t meet don’t technically exist.

    You wish you could decide what it was all about but the “fireman’s” here to put out your flame and lay you in the ground.
    You wish you could have made more meaning our of life while you were living it.

    This might be a pretty simplistic reading of the song, but that’s what happens to your brain when you spend your time talking “philosophy” with college students in their second language.

  • Sleeves

    I like that. I’m not a very deep thinker and so a lot of my own songs and stories kind of elude me. I generally prefer not to know very much specifically about a song or story and just like the feeling of having expressed something that feels true somewhere. But then sometimes, as with this one, I’m like “what the hell is that all about?”…thanks Ryan!

  • Stig

    I think it means, in very few words, “Life is short; don’t be a dick.”
    Well, that was my first impression.

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