AMV#46: Flip Hackery & The Goose Hollow Girls

“In which Sherwin tells the stories of two very different sorts of local celebrity – Flip Hackery, who is most well known for standing in the middle of the street – and the mysterious Goose Hollow Girls, who still live in their closed down campground with only their guns, a zipline, dogfood, and a bonfire to keep them company.”
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Please note, these stories originally aired during the live Radio Ghost show. Subscribe to the podcast on Atoms, Motion and the Void

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1 thought on “AMV#46: Flip Hackery & The Goose Hollow Girls

  1. This had escaped me until now. “fliphackery” (as a verb) should be used as a term of odd rebellion (the external version of Bartleby’s refusal to follow orders). “Was this the expression of a tiny but very mighty lunatic?” You have the gift, Sean.

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