The Lost AMV episodes

In 2009, Sherwin and I were developing a show for Public Radio. The 3 part “Orwell Storyteller” story was never submitted as a potential expression of the sort of show Sherwin (and Sean) might do, but Sherwin did write out the stories and recorded the first 2. When we were told that a pure story format was not something the local public radio station was interested in, we moved on.

Part one is a typical AMV story, but as we began to hear inklings that a “pure story” style show wasn’t going to fly, we decided to add a new element. So AMV37 features Sean doing an introduction as well as an interview at the end with the cowboy musician Skip Gorman who provided the music for the episode.

Part 3 has been written, but not yet produced. Sherwin is at the moment fumbling through his papers trying to locate his drafts. I feel confident that he will find it soon.

AMV39 is a standalone story that was written but not produced.

But here, at long last, are two of the four “lost” AMV episodes…(and my great thanks to Bob Sgandurra for sending me the only remaining copy of AMV37!) Photo of Sherwin at the Santa Ana Train Station by Stephanie Gould.

AMV#36 – The Orwell Storyteller, Part 1:
“In which Sherwin boards a train bound for a plain type of elsewhere and finds himself in a special sort of nowhere.”
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“In which Sherwin finds himself stranded in the badlands and then in an even tighter spot.”
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1 thought on “The Lost AMV episodes

  1. Top-notch AMV, thanks as always. I like the idea of Sherwin adrift in the badlands with only a curious guidebook to existence. Please ask the Old Gent to find the remaining installment’s script as soon as he possibly can….

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