New AMV episodes on the way and a change

After writing the last two AMV episodes (AMV46 and AMV47) I found myself in the right place to continue on with more stories. A number of new AMV episodes are thus in the works.
But it also occurred to me, after 6 years of generally giving away episodes of AMV for free, that I would like to start selling them for a small price – I’m thinking $2 per episode. You can also name your own price if that suits your financial circumstance – even a single penny is fine. I want to get a sense of how many people are willing to pay a small amount for the stories and additionally I am curious what that value is. Maybe 2 dollars is too much, maybe it’s too little.
Supporting me in this way will permit me to continue to focus as much of my attention as possible on recording the curious events from my life here in Lemon. I absolutely understand that some listeners can’t afford to pay – some don’t like to – and that’s fine. I have no judgement or further thought at all about that. So from now on you may see the little Donate button, like the one that follows:

To listen and further consider the merits of such support, please go here.

4 thoughts on “New AMV episodes on the way and a change

  1. I would pay a higher subscription rate if I had more money, honestly. Which says a lot, I generally don’t subscribe to fee based subscriptions. I have rent, car insurance, a cell phone bill, and this.

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