AMV#33 – The Accidental Apparition

This Halloween Special originally aired on NHPR.

Every year the town of Lemon, New Hampshire celebrates Halloween with its annual “Demon of Lemon Festival” down in the Maccaw Meadows. Tents are set up in the fairground fields and there are hayrides, games, food vendors, spooky music, etc.

In preparation for the Festival, Sherwin has set out for a late night stroll to test his so-called parade outfit, an ancient black wool suit and pair of shoes that he wears to all such community gatherings.

But when one of his shoes falls to pieces, Sherwin begins to wonder whether he’s suffering from one of his hypnopompic episodes. An inveterate sleepwalker, he often finds himself in the confusing and illusory world of semi-consciousness.

And when the citizens of Lemon begin to report sightings of a ghost, Sherwin questions whether they may be seeing a late night version of his wandering, sleepwalking self.

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