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IMG_0393I wrote the YMB song a little while back when I thought Ron & Fez was ending and then when it didn’t I just kept it to post if the fateful day ever came. The YMB song is not a great song and it’s super short and kind of badly produced and it didn’t feel very meaningful to me yesterday when I uploaded it. But I didn’t want to be silent and I’d done it and so felt some obligation I guess. So this morning while I was driving my son to school I started singing a new song which sort of expressed my feelings about the show and about Ron in particular I suppose. A sort of thank you and an acknowledgement. My gratitude to him. Before R&F I’d been writing music and stories for a long long time and no one ever said a thing about anything I ever made. I didn’t have one of those teacher cheerleaders who funneled me along in the direction of glory etc. So much so that I hadn’t shared a story or song with anyone for years. I just wrote them and kept them. But there was something about the Ron & Fez show that made me feel like my odd brand of whatever might fly in some way. Ron just casts a net so wide that it doesn’t seem to have any visible edge or end point. It’s horizonal. He likes what he likes and it can come from wherever – but he does seem to especially like when people try to figure out their own way toward who they are, however awkward or bizarre. He likes people or artists who fall out of themselves no matter how awkwardly rather than the polished dude imitating the other polished dudes.

So really for me sending stuff in to Ron and my favorite radio show – and him liking it and playing it – marked a huge shift for me. Which then allowed other things to happen. I wouldn’t have written my two plays or done my Atoms Motion podcast. I wouldn’t be working in radio now. It all really goes back to Ron & Fez.

I don’t think I’m alone in that. I think a lot of the R&F fans found in the show a place where they felt some kind of acceptance they never felt before.

So this song, which I guess is the last R&F song I’ll ever write, is about that. The video is below and the song can be downloaded below that.

Feel free to download, but if you want to buy on iTunes you can here.

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We all come a drowning in the deep blue sea
Hard to find an island that will care for thee
Rowing all alone and singing merrily
Hard to figure out when someone rescues thee
I know your hands tied you’re blowing out the fire
But you helped me push my boat out on the waves
I was out a drowning in the deep blue sea
Couldn’t find an island that would care for me
Rowing all alone and singing merrily
A song I wrote about a man helped rescue me

16 thoughts on “Last Song for R&F

  1. Wow how can you say thanks to someone who contributed so much over the years to R&F? How about in all caps and double spaced!!
    T H A N K Y O U !!:-)

    Seriously – You took radio and hand-weaved it into storytelling mythology that was insightful and hilarious at the same time. Brilliant!


  2. Sleeves, thank you for a beautiful and buoyant song to ease the hurt and loss of the current incarnation of the show, and for the Christmases, for the videos and Instagrams… Thank you.

  3. Thank you Sleeves! I LOVE LOVE LOVE torturing Anthony Cumia EVERY YEAR with the fa la la song! I actually LOVE the song! I can do Andy in Cleveland with the fa la la song. 🙂
    Über Fan
    Lady Trucker

  4. Awesome and yet sad end to an era of amazing radio. Peace and love to a the other Capos out there. BAC #3370

  5. Thanks for being you Sleeves, your are the soundtrack for the greatest radio duo to ever crack a mic!

  6. Fantastic song and truly amazing voice.
    Have you heard Ron’s occasional Friday show with his daughter Gail?
    here is one
    check youtube for #bennington for the others. I think you would appreciate the dynamic.
    it seems to be the show Ron actually wants to do.

  7. Loved the song! I am so grateful for what R&F created and how much they’ve helped people out of stormy times. I found some really awesome people because of these guys. Love ya sleeves!!!

  8. I was happy for Fez retiring until this. Thanks Sleeves. I didn’t cry when my Grandmother died. Then again, she never wrote lyrics like that.

  9. This is beautiful Sleeves, it is making me cry. Ron & Fez were my saviors for the past 10 years making me laugh when life wasn’t so great. I’m going to miss them so much. I knew this day would come eventually, the writing was on the wall, but it’s still so sad.

  10. “”I think a lot of the R&F fans found in the show a place where they felt some kind of acceptance they never felt before.”

    This is the perfect way to describe how i feel about R&F and why i’m so sad that the show has ended. Thanks for writing great music for the show sleeves!

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