The Bellwether Dispatch 1

What is “The Bellwether Dispatch”?
1. “The Bellwether Dispatch” is a series of 8 AMV stories that detail Sherwin’s unfortunate involvement in a town-wide reenactment of a century old historical event in Lemon.

2. “The Bellwether Dispatch” is and was both an inaccurate weather report postcard service and a treasure hunt.

3. “The Bellwether Dispatch” can best be understood by listening to “The Bellwether Dispatch” either below or, better yet, through subscription to the AMV podcast on itunes. In fact, certain clues may be buried within the audio stories themselves.

4. “The Bellwether Dispatch” postcard service can be subscribed to by emailing your name and mailing address to Sending such information will entitle you to four uniquely beautiful postcards that will arrive via rugged mail. The postcards will not only provide wildly mistaken weather information but also secret clues to special treasure. If you do not wish for an actual postcard, but prefer a virtual one, you can request one at the above email address and you will be directed to the image as housed in a secret internet storage facility.

5. “The Bellwether Dispatch” is in all ways free. It costs nothing to play, listen to, subscribe to – the words we are looking for are these: you have nothing to lose.

6. How valuable is this treasure? It is a little valuable. It will be hard to find in some instances. It may be along one side of the road, it may be on top of a mountain. It will be a pleasing keepsake and a pleasure to find. Riddles may be involved in some cases but never puns.

7. If you find a treasure, it is requested that you send a photograph of yourself – or your hand – securing the treasure as you do so to These images may be used by the good people of Lemon to further the cause of their reenactment.

8. Each treasure site has more than one item. The sacred contractual notion is this: if you find the treasure site, please take only one “artifact” and leave the rest for others. If and when all the treasure in a particular site is depleted, more will be added.

9. Grand Prize – whoever secures a treasure from each of the four sites will win a Grand Prize. The best way to think of the Grand Prize is like this: the Grand Prize will be Grand. It will be custom fit to the winner based on a pleasingly subjective series of questions. Sherwin will determine the exact nature of the Grand Prize following an awkward interview with the winner and the Grand Prize will exceedingly please said winner and instantly seem to be exactly the right thing.

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In summation, every other Sunday, for the next 8 weeks, a new Bellwether Dispatch postcard will be dispatched. Four postcards in all, four inaccurate weather reports, four sets of clues to four different real treasures buried in 4 different real somewheres in New Hampshire. In the intervening weeks, there will be update narratives of the fallout of each week.

4 thoughts on “The Bellwether Dispatch 1

  1. An unexpected gem for the coming Spring. I am very pleased that Sherwin’s dusty boots are stomping ’round Lemon again.

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