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Not really a finished song, but something that I’ve been singing to myself the past couple weeks while out walking or daydreaming. I usually can’t convert daydream songs into real things – they just get lost in translation…But this one came out kind of close to what I was imagining.

I think I was inspired by my friend Adeem’s top-secret not yet dropped new album – he’s got a cool old-timey stomp and clap undercurrent in his new songs.

But still this is one of those songs that I have no idea what’s going on…just sand thru the fingers.

Daddle-dee, daddle-do
Sun go down
But where did it go?

By the sea
By the shore
Tide go out
But where did it roll?

Wind run past
To and fro
Out to sea
But where’d it blow?

Sun go down
Far below
Stars light up
And so it goes

It was the coldest night
It was the drearest night
It was the blackest night
Once more

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