Stonyfield Jingle

StoneyCup copyI don’t think my songs will ever top the charts. But I think they work in the context of other things – like radio shows or stories…or products maybe. I think I would have made a good jingle writer.

So here’s a quick Stonyfield Jingle- a part of my continuing mad-and-minor quest to get a job at the Farm by only indirectly applying for it through the courtesy ward of Social Media.



In the Chocolate Underground
I found a Pomegranate Berry
French Vanilla Lemon Peach
Key Lime And Then Strawberry

Yogurt, like a cow in snow
At Stonyfield organic is delicious so!

I climbed aboard the Donegal
Set Sail for Londonderry
We’re yogurtless and rudderless,
Completely arbitrary!

But the yogurt, like a cow in snow
At Stonyfield organic is delicious yo!

Is there such a thing as a “courtesy ward”? Where did I get that from?

And of course, I will really apply. I just have this Dr. Curioso hypothetical gimmick of coming around through the back door that I have to explore for 15 minutes. Which I think exists because I don’t believe strongly enough that my piece of paper in the pile of paper pieces on the desk of the Human Resources person at Stonyfield will rise to the top. It seems like fishing – the hook goes down and something gets caught – but there’s an element of happenstance. So I’m dancing out in the fields with the cows.

Back to the courtesy ward with me.

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