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Stonyfield Sam

By , 19 November, 2009, 6 Comments

Sam wanted a snack outside on the porch, so I set the camera up and away we go:

I sent my application in to Stonyfield today. 🙂

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  • Stig

    Good luck with that job interview. Bring a piano. Not an electronic keyboard – a full-size piano.

  • Rick

    They’re nuts if they don’t hire Sam too. What great interaction.

  • Sleeves

    I asked Sam if he was ready to work. I told him he could get paid.

    He said he’d work for a penny a week. I told him that was 52 pennies a year and he said “Wowww!”

    My salary requirements aren’t much more dramatic.

  • Michelle

    That was truly great. The honest innocence of Sam. If I didn’t already love yogurt, the two of you would have convinced me to try it! Should I write Stonyfield and tell them to hire you? Let me know, I’d be happy to…….

  • Sleeves

    Oh yes, please!! 🙂

  • weeniewawa

    a baby grand would be impressive at the interview

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