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Sarro’s Balloon

By , 22 November, 2009, 1 Comment

I understand that WBEZ in Chicago played Sarro’s Balloon yesterday – some people wanted to buy it, but ha ha – it’s not sellable at the moment.

I’m hoping to perform this story live in Peterborough in January at the release party for Redwing Blackbird’s new CD.

Sam Amidon (I used 2 of his songs in the piece) will be on hand for the above and if it all does go down, then I’ll put together a CD using Sam’s and RWBB’s music and we’ll all split the huge winnings!! 🙂

But for now you can listen below or download…

There are actually two versions – one includes the interview I did with Gwen Macsai and the other is just the story itself.

Download Link to Story

And the interview version below:

Download Link to Story with Interview

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  • Edison Orellana

    I loved this story. I remember when I first listened to it about a year ago. I think it is very well Sherwin’s best work. The story is so poetic and beautiful. Sherwin’s voice is all we hear but his imagery is excellent for I know exactly what everything looked like from his descriptions.

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