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“Vampire Rodeo” song, live take with video

By , 18 March, 2010, 1 Comment

This is a live take of a song I’ve been working on. I don’t think it’s gonna go much further than this. It’s just kind of what it is and doesn’t need any big production. You can’t see the piano, but it’s down there below the mic… 🙂

Anyway, I didn’t really know I was writing a song about my mother-in-law who died recently until I was most of the way through.

Because the video and audio recorded separately, I did a little “clapper” thing to sync em up.

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The trees and stones unfold unlock the earth
The music of the swollen aquifer
Like morphine in the dripping catheter
Dust to dust without another word

So come home, Virginia, come home tonight
As the bull breaks the china, the rope bleeds the kite

For this dark ceremonial
Vampire rodeo
The horns of the bull
Leave you just like poor Romeo

So Im bracing for, the moment the lord
Comes down down down down to meet me
So battered and sore, its hard to unlock a door
I always doubted existed

All alone and then with everyone
Like Vladimir and wretched Estragon
Muttering theres nothing to be done
Waiting to begin and then youre gone

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  • Fred

    Do you write the lyrics first and then fashion the music around it, or vice versa?

    This is another great song btw. I also like that the video element allows us to see the studio where the magic takes place.

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