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“Tourniquets & Windmills” song and video

By , 23 March, 2010, 8 Comments

For this one I did two live takes from two different perspectives and then laid down a couple voices for the chorus and a string backing. So it’s live with some post work.

The clapping is to help me sync the audio (recorded on the pc) with the video (recorded on a Vado). Also I love clapping, regardless of how bad I am at it.

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Oh I never said this
my life is always ending
I built a little village
then burned it down

All along the edges
of fire and such inventions
like tourniquets and windmills
I saved the town

Hold to the body
As we swing from the stars
Hold to the body
As we swing from the stars

I’ve got a shoebox
of worn out believers
We’ve traveled so far
But we can’t seem to get here
Just like followers of a not yet born universe
Just like followers of a not yet born universe

Life in outer space
Is like laying in a coffin
An eternity of darkness
Without a sound

Only little children
dismayed and lightly wounded
can build a better rocket
and leave the ground

Did you know…I need a job?

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8 Responses {+}
  • Stig

    I think this one might be my favorite yet. Very cool song, and not at all Fleetwood Mac!

  • Fred

    Your music really speaks to me. You find a nice balance between being haunting and uplifting. You’re truly gifted.

    I really like the tracks that incorporate both voice styles. “T&W” might give “Lay My Head Down” a run for its money in being the best example of this so far.

  • Sleeves

    That’s awesome, Fred…thanks so much!

  • Jon

    This is my new favorite.

  • Mr Lawson

    Werry nice. I like the ‘Sean’ voice.

  • Becky

    Hey Sean! It’s my first time checking out your site.

    Really nice song. You are a triple threat! 🙂

  • Sleeves

    I think I might be a double-identity single threat, which can seem like a triple threat sometimes. Tho my main talent remains “elderliness”… 🙂

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