Sherwin has been telling stories for many years now. Most of the stories are for dusty old people like himself. People who have jobs and who’ve swum through a bit of the muck and mire.

But until now, he hasn’t written any stories for the undusty, un-old people. That short clean, wide-eyed population of people who don’t have jobs and haven’t yet swum through any muck or mire.

So his new episodic story, “The Rule Book & Calendar of Kittery Embers” will be just for them. While “The Rule Book” is a children’s story, he hopes that parents might enjoy it too.

The first AMV series resulted in the submission of various drawings and artworks from different artists around the country.

As Sherwin is planning on publishing “The Rule Book”, he is hoping for a similar response. He would very much like to include the drawings, paintings, sketches, or artwork of children, artists, or parents, in the final published work and on this website.

Please feel free to send any such work to Sherwin at “”.

The first episode is almost complete and will be posted shortly. Like the regular AMV series, each episode will be 30 or so minutes and be a mixture of story and music.

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