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Two New Songs

By , 29 July, 2018, No Comment

After Sherwin’s piano broke into pieces due to an unfortunate mishap with a teapot and a hat, I suggested that we begin to experiment with some more modern techniques, using midi etc. He did not like this one bit, of course – but has gone along with my “fake fancy modern idea” for now, while he roams the country attempting to locate a piano in the woods (which he spotted once and now plans to bring home like a wild animal).

This first song “Run Jane Run” is one of the new songs for AMV#54, which story is written and set to be released later this week. Lyrics can be found below the fake fancy modern song box. You will notice that Sherwin had me sing a little fragment on this – unfortunately I was sick during the singing – and he took no pity on this and in fact liked that I sounded poorly.

I need something easy to sing
And a song I can sing all the time
I don’t need words or to know all the notes
But I’d like it if everything rhymed

Heigh Ho where did you go?
With that song you can sing all the time?
Dib daddley do – we’d all sing it with you
Without words without notes biddley bime

Did you ever see over the land?
Did you ever lift up any part of the sea?
Did you ever repaint that sign, to be not to be?
Have you ever been home?
My home let my home! My home let me home!
Have you ever looked up to the sun, felt like you been paid?
Have you ever filled up someone and then walked away?
Well I ain’t been living that way
My whole life afraid
No I ain’t been living that way
My whole life afraid

The town’s elation
To see how Jane runs
The town’s celebration
Run Jane Run

Now I made the simplest painting
As I fell from the top of the wire
A picture of everything fading
Of the world as the dream of a liar
I need something easy to sing
And a song I can sing all the time
I don’t need words or to know all the notes
But I’d like if everything rhymed

This second song, The Life of Riley, you may have heard in AMV#53.

The old man’s coming
With his life of Riley life
Ain’t got no job
Just makes shadows in the light
I’ve got my eye on the ground
Got my feet in the air
I’m not fooling around
Every moment’s erased
But the sun on my face
Means I’m not underground
I ain’t nothing but clouds
In the sky of this town
I make all of the sound
Got my eye on the ground
Got my feet in the air
I’m just fooling around

And the morning that he woke up
And realized the way
He’d been living in the gutter
How he’d fallen down the drain
There’s no warning to remember
That it’s a dream and not a game
As a dream it has no ending
As a game it doesn’t play
But if you put away the pieces
And skip your turn today
And go walking through the morning
In a life of Riley way
Then your dream would be your living
And your living would be fair
And that fairness like a weather
And that weather like a prayer
And that prayer would last forever
In the wind as a refrain
That goes walking through the morning
Asking all to do the same
Riley’s life seemed far too simple
And he never would explain
How he had to take it easy
To bear the universal pain

“The Fireman’s Waiting” Song

By , 28 March, 2011, 3 Comments

I really don’t know what this song is about. But one more Sean song and I’ll be releasing a new album on iTunes, including the Smoke Song, the Moon Song, the Poor Man’s Lullaby…and 10 others that I can locate.

If anyone knows what this song is about, please leave a comment, or email me at sleeves at radioghost dot com. Thank you.

Quicktime or Download


Everything you see was meant to be not believed
Everything you do is was will never be known

Everyone you meet is not to be deceived
Everyone you don’t may be safely ignored

Wish you could choose but the fireman’s waiting
To usher you into a hole in the floor
Wish you could make of it more in the making
Wish you could make it more and more

“Tourniquets & Windmills” Song for Fez

By , 28 September, 2010, 4 Comments

I wanted to write a song about Fez going into the hospital – but it’s hard because he doesn’t really like music. I kept thinking about a song I wrote a while back and that seemed to express what I was thinking.

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Tourniquets & Windmills:

Oh I never said this
my life is always ending
I built a little village
then burned it down
All along the edges
of fire and such inventions
like tourniquets and windmills
I saved the town
Hold to the body
As we swing from the stars
Hold to the body
As we swing from the stars
I’ve got a shoebox
of worn out believers
We’ve traveled so far
But we can’t seem to get here
Just like followers of a not yet born universe
Just like followers of a not yet born universe
Life in outer space
Is like laying in a coffin
An eternity of darkness
Without a sound
Only little children
dismayed and lightly wounded
can build a better rocket
and leave the ground

More Old Songs!

By , 26 July, 2010, 5 Comments

Part 2 of the Secret Music of Yesteryear!

I started messing around with a 4 track when I was 19 or so (a Yamaha MT1X). I probably used it for 10 years and even though I’m pretty useless with mechanical/electrical/real items, I got to where I could fix it when it broke – replace the bands and fix the gears or troubleshoot whatever.

After the Yamaha, I got a Roland VS-840 because I had started to write a very important musical that demanded new equipment. The musical, by the way, is called “The Pardon of Eden” and it’s about an island full of monks and nuns who are told that everyone on earth has perished in some apocalypse – and they have to decide whether to continue the human race, or stay true to their vows. Maybe I’ll post some of those songs in a later post, but it’s pretty embarassing. Eek.

Anyway, here are some more songs, recorded on the Roland, from 2002-2004.

Everything Has Got to Go!
Quicktime or Download

Bombs Away
Quicktime or Download

Everything That I Do
Quicktime or Download

On Your Own
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Never Before Heard Music from My Old Days

By , 25 July, 2010, 1 Comment

Old Music, Part 1

I wanted to put some music at the end of the The Unreliable News video, and I had just stumbled on a folder of old songs, so I put one in, kind of at random (Noonday Sun, which is the first song below). A couple people have asked about this older music and I thought I’d post some of it.

These songs were done probably around 2003 on my digital 8 track. All of them were recorded just behind the glass of the upper window of the pictured green house (in Rumney, NH). I don’t think they’ve ever been heard by human ears. Which, in my mind, makes them the audio equivalent of copper ingots from the Franklin Mint.

Noonday Sun
Quicktime or Download
UFO to Me
Quicktime or Download
Roof Breaks
Quicktime or Download
My Job My Heart
Quicktime or Download

Two Ron & Fez Twitter Songs

By , 15 July, 2009, 3 Comments

At 1 A.M. Dave Chappelle broke out a tiny amp and started telling jokes to thousands of people in Pioneer Courthouse Square in Oregon.  Here’s the R&F Twitter song based on this.

Dave Chappelle at Pioneer Square

Polly’s Pancake Parlour is just up the road from me on Sugar Hill. The best!