My name is Sean Hurley and I am Sherwin Sleeves ombudsman, gopher, handyman, internet person, musical assistant, and all around amanuensis.  Sherwin lives just up the road from me in the next town over and I visit him once or twice a week to pick up songs or stories or whatever he has to give me.

I don’t know a lot about him.  He is 79 years old (I think).  He moved here a few years ago, arrived by train.  I believe he spent much of time working for a traveling theater.  He is not married and apparently has no other family.

A frequent question:  Does he really do all that walking? Yes! He does do a lot of walking.  Even with the cane and a slightly bad leg, he walks more than anyone I know and he doesn’t seem to bother with any difference between night or day.  He’ll set off at midnight for a 10 mile journey to nowhere.  From what I’ve learned, he doesn’t seem to have the least idea where he’s heading to when he goes out – he just puts on his hat and walks out the door and is suddenly gone.

While I’m currently trying to find a job on the radio, Sherwin continues to write songs and music – for no real apparent purpose other than he enjoys it.

He doesn’t do much work for pay – but he is not the enemy of money.  If you have voice work or are interested in a song – please feel free to contact him at sherwinsleeves(at)yahoo(dot)com.

This blog will be a shared forum.  I’ll be posting audio from my own life as well as Sherwin’s songs and stories…

SherwinContact:  sleeves@radioghost.com

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  1. Thank you, Mr. Sleeves, for making the world a more beautiful, eerie, mysterious and wonderful place. You are lucky to have such a good friend in Mr. Hurley.

    (I hope you find radio work soon, Mr. Hurley! I miss hearing you.)

    So happy to hear this new project. Jenny

  2. Dear Sleeves, I have an abiding crush on you. It is sometimes pleasant and more often something I wish was not.

  3. You’re an interesting guy, Sherwin. I like unique people who go with their own flow like you. Happy travels!

  4. Thank you Sherwin. Your lifestyle and honest work is an inspiration. Your one of the few true artists left.
    Happy Holidays!

  5. Sleeves you are a genius. I just wanted to tell you how touched I was by the Christmas skater that aired right around christmas. I remember it so vividly. I am 23 years old and live in monmouth county in new jersey, there was one of the biggest blizzards in history this past december, and I was one of the only cars on the road, driving to bail someone out of jail ( im a bailbondsman) and I was listening to the broadcast of your story. I drove on, captivated by your art of storytelling and could not help but relate to the story. I think anyone who has had an unfinished affair of love will relate. It was so amazing I had to call into Ron and Fez today to ask where I could find a copy. I just wanted to say thanks, and keep up the amazing work. You really do get across to more people than you think and we do all appreciate your work!

  6. I too was struck still last winter when my introduction to “The Christmas Skater”. I remember pulling my State plow truck over on an early morning pass just beyond the covered bridge. As the large flakes fell in the glow of a streetlight, I was living a Norman Rockwell like world. The whole road was empty and still as I wrote down the name of the magic coming out of the speakers so that I could order my own copy. Certain things resonate with different people. The voice, pitch, delivery, and content of that album will ring loudly to anyone who gets the warm heart feeling during a small town’s holiday season, especially during the stillness of 2:00 am snow storms.
    Thank you sir-

  7. I am a loyal Ron & Fex / XM fan. I have head Sleeves many times on the show but my wife is a bit to uptight to listen. This Christmas I fliped by 202 while driving to the inlaws. I heard Sleeves voice and stoped to listen. It was the beginning of the Christmas Skater. My wife and I were hooked and listened without speaking the entire time. WOW is all she could say when it was done. She will never question why I listen to R&F again.

  8. Thanks to the Ron and Fez Show for steering me toward Sherwin Sleeve and “The Christmas Skater.”

    It is a masterpiece to be enjoyed by ones imagination through one sense of sound.

    An artistic piece more very apprropriate for the winter and Holiday Season.

  9. Thanks GW, for turning me on to Sleeves. I Christmas La La all year long. Gives me such a nice feeling, the ones I lost from the same old, same old. Looking forward to more. Thank you Sherwin! LY

  10. With the first real nip of winter finally in the air the music in my head is constantly The Christmas La La song. Can’t wait for your Christmas Carol project. Thanks for all the great stuff

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