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Sample Recent Episode – AMV35: Lemay’s Last Case

Art by Ryan Wilson
Art by Ryan Wilson

“In which Sherwin is asked to write the “big twist” finale of the mystery novel of a deceased local author, but is forced to deal with a certain resistance.”

Music by: Sherwin Sleeves & Redwing Blackbird.

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The First 24 Episodes of AMV constitute The First Account – at about Episode 3 or 4, they begin to take on a serial-like form and it becomes one big story.

The Second Account episodes are largely stand-alone.

5 thoughts on “AMV Radio Episodes

  1. All of this work is genius, brilliant. The poems, the songs, the observations, storytelling, voice. Bukowski eat your heart out! What a delight to have randomly discovered this artist. I can’t say enough about how deep and well-read this artist is. Talent beyond. Thank you for being alive and sharing your musings. I’d be very forthcoming with lattes if I was anywhere near . Thank you.

  2. Most pleased to find the archive becoming more complete. In trying to sort through what Apple provides, I found myself dangling from entirely too many cliffs. There may be a few remaining precipices to scramble up from, but now the lingering is less to bear.

    You have my gratitude.

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