The Stalwart Series – AMV#40 – 45 now available

A few years ago I thought to experiment with AMV – and set up a little private website and story series – and subscribers had access to both the stories on that website along with some other erratta – and received a CD copy of each story with original artwork by my friend Kevin Kobasic. Kevin created the “Radio Ghost” image to the right – and it’s really I think the ultimate image for both the series and for the AMV stories in general.

I suppose I forgot a little about the stories until Stalwart Joe D informed me that not all of the episodes could be located – and neither could I locate them. But thanks to Stalwart Bob S, we now have all of them. So as not to interrupt the current series – aside from this post – I have retro-published the episodes on this website – and they can also be found on itunes. Subscribe to the podcast on Atoms, Motion and the Void.

But links to the six stories can be found below. Find me on twitter @sherwinsleeves. And on Facebook.

AMV#40 – The Three Benches.

AMV#41 – On the Winning of a Wild Bed

AMV#42 – The Numbers Station

AMV#43 – The Exponent of Westbrook, Part 3

AMV#44 – The Book of Privy Council

AMV#45 – The Radio Ghost

Earlier episodes of “Atoms, Motion & the Void” can be found here.

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