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The Christmas Skater

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On the next episode of The Radio Ghost, I’ll be playing The Christmas Skater and talking a bit about it with the listeners. The story is played yearly on XM and Sirius satellite radio (thank you Ron & Fez!). It’s also heard on Public Radio stations across the country and has aired in the UK and Australia. My friend Olivia Wilder will also be including it the second part of her Christmas show.

The story has also been picked up by Spoken Ink and will be for sale soon exclusively through their site. Because of that, I will be taking down the free version (as part of the arrangement with Spoken Ink, I can’t give it away anymore).

But the Spoken Ink deal isn’t done, so for this Christmas at least, it’s still free! If you have the desire, you can also purchase the full story of The Christmas Skater on iTunes: The Christmas Skater - Single - Sherwin Sleeves

But the free version is still here and will be until the Spoken Ink ink dries:
Quicktime or Download

The Christmas La La Song

By , 2 December, 2011, 1 Comment

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas la la time…

The Christmas La La song can also be purchased on iTunes on my new CD “The Poor Man’s Lullaby, 37 all new songs:

The Poor Man's Lullaby - Sherwin Sleeves

Buy Kittery Embers on Amazon.

The Dinner in the Dark – an AMV Thanksgiving Story

By , 24 November, 2011, 1 Comment

In which Sherwin is invited to dine aboard the Flying Yankee, which invitation includes a rather mysterious request.

Music by: Sherwin Sleeves, The Ink Spots, The Eels, Johann Johannsson, British Sea Power, David Byrne, Mark Kozelek & Elizabeth Cotten

“The Dinner in the Dark” was produced for Thanksgiving Day broadcast on New Hampshire Public Radio. Art by Kevin Kobasic.

Quicktime or Download

New CD on iTunes! The Poor Man’s Lullaby

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“The Poor Man’s Lullaby” is my first stand-alone album – no Ron & Fez songs (except for the Christmas La La song). These are the songs I’ve written that I most like…
The Poor Man's Lullaby - Sherwin Sleeves
37 songs from the last few years – some that were written for the Stalwarts series of stories, some for the Kittery Embers book, some from the two plays, and some from the AMV stories. Also some of the Sean Hurley songs are included as well. Track list below.

1. The Christmas Skater
2. Welcome to Wonderland
3. The Christmas La La Song
4. House In Eden
5. Hence I Lied
6. The Concession Song
7. Another Day
8. From Once Upon a Time Until the End
9. Only Lou
10. Holy Daydream
11. I Am the Ocean
12. Lighting In the Cave
13. The Smoke Song
14. The Poor Man’s Lullaby
15. The Moon Song
16. The Old Cowboys
17. Tourniquets & Windmills
18. Vampire Rodeo
19. Lost & Found
20. The Girl In the Sack Cloth
21. Whisper, Pray, Make Room
22. The Bench Song
23. Alone You Build Your Heart
24. Another One Here
25. On the Winning of a Wild Bed
26. The Owl Song
27. The Sparrow Song
28. The Spinny Song
29. Of Thee I Sing
30. Play It As It Lays
31. Song of the Moon
32. The Christmas Train
33. The Fireman’s Waiting
34. Butterfly With a Bloodshot Eye
35. The World’s Foremost Pie Expert
36. Hold Still
37. The George Plimpton Song

The Shepherd of Leaves video

By , 15 October, 2011, 3 Comments

Some people think that leaves just fall off trees by themselves and go shooting down the river as though by some magical force. Well no. They are conducted – shepherded – by any number of “leaf herders” as the derogatory phrase has it. In the following video, meant for instruction purposes only, Sherwin shows the practice of Shepherding Leaves in full. From guiding the leaves down the river with a kind word, to sometimes coaxing them with a stick or violent noise. Pen and ink leaf drawing by Christina Sanantonio.

The song at the beginning comes from the recent Stalwarts series:
Quicktime or Download

AMV – the Film of the Play

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“Atoms, Motion & the Void” was performed at the Players Ring in Portsmouth, directed by John Herman and and excellently filmed by Bob Sgandurra. If interested, you can read more about it here. Or you can buy the DVD (with paypal) for $8.

It is broken into five parts. Most of you know this I’m sure, but the screen size can be toggled to fit your screen.

Act 1 (3 parts with a total running time of about 57 minutes)

Act 2 (2 parts with a total running time of about 50 minutes)

The 3rd Anniversary of Sarro’s Balloon

By , 4 July, 2011, 3 Comments

“Sarro’s Balloon” was written originally to air as part of a day of “special” programming at NHPR. It has since played on a number of public radio stations across the country and XM and Sirius Satellite Radio – and more than any other story I’ve written, it seems to resonate with people.

In honor of it’s 3rd anniversary, you can listen below or download…

Above art by Kevin Kobasic.

There are actually two versions – one includes the interview I did with Gwen Macsai for an episode of Chicago Public Radio’s “Re:Sound” and the other is just the story itself.

Download Link to Story

And the interview version below:

Download Link to Story with Interview

“Holy Daydream” Song

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“Holy Daydream” is a new a song for the last episode of this Stalwarts series, but I thought I’d post it here. It’s not too late to join the Stalwarts website! Stories, songs, stickers, and just everything you can think of that begins with the letter s. Read more about that here.

Quicktime or Download


Though I know, it’s not the same
It starts up every game
So it swings, hard and low
Think I’ll take my things and go

So untied and burden free
Down sidewalks light and sweet
All I know is that it seems
Completely like a dream

Holy, Holy, Holy Daydream

Though I know, it’s not the same
Holy holy holy Daydream
So it swings, hard and low
Holy holy holy Daydream
So untied and burden free
Holy, Holy, Holy Daydream
All I know is that it seems
Completely like a dream

“Lightning in the Cave” song

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So I never met this guy, never wrote or communicated with him and flat out didn’t know him. But he made an impact on me. He was smart, funny, a little mean, but also seemed like he had a heart of gold. I heard him on the radio sometimes and read his posts on a message board. And when he died, it just made me sad.

Quicktime or Download


Though I never met you
I will not forget you
I cannot imagine
Losing what I know
Up above the valley
The clouds asleep in thunder
Down along the canyon
Lightning in the caves
Take down my name
My own true way
My favorite, my love, my son

“Whisper, Pray, Make Room” wins a Spotlight Award

By , 15 April, 2011, 1 Comment

Thanks to everyone for voting for WPMR as Favorite Play in this years Spotlight Awards! Lois and I didn’t go last night – it’s far, we couldn’t get a sitter, and I didn’t think I stood a chance. In fact, I shouldn’t have stood a chance, but I think that Mr. Bennington and Mr. Whatley pushed some buttons in the background.

Thanks to the director (and one of the hosts of the awards show), John Herman, who accepted on my behalf.