Master Class in Music with Sherwin Sleeves

When I created and uploaded the above video, I thought I’d share it only privately on The Stalwarts website. But then I hit upon the snag that youtube permits you to privately share videos with only 50 people. And I need to share it with a few more than that.

So I thought I would use the video to pitch the AMV subscription once again.

For about 12 dollars a month, you get:

1. A limited edition CD, numbered and signed, with original artwork. One CD per month for 6 months.
2. Access to the Stalwarts website, which includes various types of downloadable extra audio (recorded walks, songs) and video (the filmed of AMV the Play, things like Master Class below. A video tour of Sherwin’s neighborhood is currently in the works). And lastly, a forum to discuss whatever you like.

A six month subscription costs $77.76. There’s a month to month plan of $12.96 and a 3 month plan of $38.88. If you’re not interested in the CD – there’s a download-only option of $45 for the entire six months.

Payment can be sent via Paypal to my email ( Other forms of payment can be worked out.

Lastly – there is no such thing as being too late. Subscribers can join at any time.

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