The Shepherd of Leaves video

Some people think that leaves just fall off trees by themselves and go shooting down the river as though by some magical force. Well no. They are conducted – shepherded – by any number of “leaf herders” as the derogatory phrase has it. In the following video, meant for instruction purposes only, Sherwin shows the practice of Shepherding Leaves in full. From guiding the leaves down the river with a kind word, to sometimes coaxing them with a stick or violent noise. Pen and ink leaf drawing by Christina Sanantonio.

The song at the beginning comes from the recent Stalwarts series:
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3 thoughts on “The Shepherd of Leaves video

  1. I referred this to several people. I am wondering how many of us chose to drift to the quiet edge of the bank, and not go on. How many of us find ourselves alone now to all but the world, vainly trying to help those before us. The song filled me with a sweet melancholy of sadness, that only Sleeves can deliver. Thank you sirs!

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